Pictures From Our Visit to PTG
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The PTG Facility and some "parts" they had laying around.

Notes: It was VERY clean...everywhere. Wheels? Did someone say wheels? Need a chassis? We got one...we got several...factory sealed. Some break in time on their engine dyno. A very purdy transporter. And of course, the three of which displaying his supernatural speed reflexes. So fast even the camera can't capture him on film!
Simply put: A CRATE MOTOR...and what a motor it is!

Each comes with it's own carrying case. Note the diminutive size of the alternator, no bigger than my fist.

Some parts they had "laying" around

Notes: 15inch front brake rotors! M5 block. Magnafluxed crank. Head assembly area. Oh, and a spare carbon fiber switch panel. Rear differential. Spare front and rear brake rotors (want a set? You can just make out the part number) Internal parts. Dry sump tank. Engines ready for the dyno. V8 heads. Wiring loom template.

The parts shelves. More aluminum than you could imagine. With some spare blocks hidden away in the back corner for safe keeping

And now for the good stuff: Last Years Winning E46 V8 powered M3. All I can say is WOW.

More good stuff: the current work in progress E46 6 cylinder M3

Some of the prettiest headers I think I've ever seen

An unfinished E36 M3 near completion?

Notes: diff coolers and ducting is interesting. BIG brakes!

At last....A real McClaren F1 in person! Pics need no explanation. And they even started it for us

Vintage stuff

Everyone has their bad days

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