SCCA race at Summit Point March28-31, 2002
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Lets start with some of the RX-7 GT cars from the pits

All very nicely prepared second generation FC RX-7's. Two of which - the red and the dark blue are previously owned Rotary Performance of Manassas cars. Note the stock brakes on the red car though.
Some of the other for everyone.

Ferrari Cup car. What are they trying to hide I wonder?

Tube framed Nissan 240SX - Just for Joe.

Some GM product - for John

An Integra - for Sean

A Z car - for Furbee - yes even Tubby can be made to go fast

Pair of Foci - for Dave (more for Dave below)

And a little Wing action - for Jason. What is it with Porsche owners and wings?
Sorry Carlos and Tom - nothing for you guys I'm afraid but there was a pretty neat tubed framed Fiero

A nice Porsche 914-6. Note the exhaust tips for noise abatement

Porsche 968 with a LOT of tire

A pair of old Datsun 510's. Ever wonder where that Datsun Dynamics sign at Summit Point comes from? It comes from these guys.

Obvisously not a race car but a very nice and rare Audi S8

Anyone want to rent a Lotus for the weekend?

The Corvette camp

And my favorite of the whole show. This fabulous, newly completed rear wheel drive Mini. In this case wider truely is better!

Open wheelers in the pits

Nice example of a Formula Mazda

Formula Atlantic in McLaren colors?

Formula Continental

Need a lift...Caution: car must weight less than 1200lbs

Carbon Fiber Monocoque. Yummy

See it's not only the rotaries that need to bring spare engines to every event!

The new Ford Focus powered FA

Formula Continental 2.0 Litre motor being "worked on."

And here's our Man...none other than John Levy in action with his trusty Formula Continental steed.

John L. :The picture 2nd from the left is the picture too which I referred that I have in 2046x1640 size if you'd like one to print
Some other Formula (Mazda, Continental, Atlantic) Racing

Finally some GT Racing. Everything from GT1 to GT5

Note: the mini (not the same as pictured above) running in GT5 and a rare Panoz GT1.

In closing

A parting Wing shot for Jason

And a beautiful shot of the grass taking by our Sunday afternoon photographer, Joe. Florida Bluegrass perhaps? Joe?

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