Why this car?

I had been going to the dealers as soon as I arrived back home after graduation looking for that super deal. Since I had a car to drive, I was not in any kind of hurry to get a car. One day in June on my drive home from work, I was exiting the highway and hit an expansion joint in the road when all of a sudden all the interior lights on the dash went out along with the AC and the radio. I also smelled something burning. What a POS!


I went strait home and got in my mother’s car and drove off to Mazda. There I had seen a red base model Miata that was a lease turn in and had just gotten there earlier that day. I spoke with the dealer and we came up with a number that I was interested in and told him I would be back with my father the next day. When I went back, the dealer was off for the day, so I decided that he didn’t really want to sell me the car, and left.


On my way home, I pulled into a dealer that I knew had a Miata for a while. I spoke with the dealer and he let me take the car home to show my dad. We both agreed that it was a great car and was a decent price too, so I sat down with the dealer and I really wanted to knock the price down another $1-2k, but had no luck. So I left without my car.


The next day, I left work early and my father and I went back to the dealer to buy the car with or without the $2k savings that I wanted. That day in July ’99 I left with my very first car. It was a ’97 montego blue Mazda Miata. The car had 23k miles on it and I got it for $14k. Only problem was the teal green pin stripes on the side… Yuck! They were stripped off the car about 3 weeks later.


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