Scott's Miata Page

Under Construction . My goal is to create a lightweight track car.
Car 1997 Mazda Miata, Montego Blue Touring Package
Car Weight Car with full tank of gas: 2,315
I estimate without gas, ~ 2245
Corner wieghts:
LF: 589 RF: 628
LR: 547 RR: 552
52.5/47.5 F-R
Alignment and Handling Front Camber: - 1 degree
Caster: 5.0
Toe: 1/32 IN
Rear Camber: -1.75
Toe: 1/32 IN

Koni Adjujstable Shocks
Stock Springs

Tires and Wheels Street:
14" Stock Alloy 7 spoke wheels
Yokohama Es-100 185/60/14/

14" Stock Alloy "wagon" Wheels (90-93 Miata)
Kumho Victoracers 195/55/14

Brakes Adrenaline Racing Spec Miata Rotors
ATE Super Blue Fluid

Front pads: Hawk HPS
Rear pads: Hawk HPS

Front pads: Hawk Blacks
Rear pads: Hawk HP

Flyin' Miata Link ECU - "OBI-WAN" code for 96-97 OBDII
Custom Intake with K & N Cone filter, MAF removed
Stock exhaust manifold (soon to be replaced)
Thermal Research 2.5" Cat-back
Safety Hard Dog Hard Core Bar with Double Diagonals
Race Seats and Harnesses soon
Comfort Stock Cassette deck (woo hoo)
Leather Seats (Heavy! soon to be replaced)