BMac Industries

Some Background

BMac Industries started out as just a name. This happened about two years ago, back home in PA. I started creating flyers, to promote shows for the band I was in, Alien Red. The promotions really grabbed attention locally and got some pretty good crowds out to shows. It was then, that I figured, why not use this name (BMac Industries), to promote myself.

Since then, I've tried to familiarize myself with as many graphic and design programs as possible. This way I would have more ways to create and be creative. Being a long time since I graduated college, with an Associates Degree in Computer Graphics, there was alot of catching up to do. I guess after pretty much snowboarding for the last 8 or so years, it was time to get off my ass and try to do something with my life. Not to say that getting up every day, just to ride, and get paid for it, wasn't cool. On the other hand, I have this degree, that I spent time (and a bit of money) to get, that's going to waste. Eventhough it seems that everyone out there is looking for a Bachelors degree, with at least 2 years experience, or you won't even be considered. How is one to gain experience without experience? I pose this question. So, I sit here and hone my skills.

Well, there's a small bit of insight into what BMac is about. I hope the story was enjoyable, especially since I was never one for writing.

Some new graphics are in the works, so stay tuned.

-bernie mac

BMac Uses:

Hardware: Apple PowerBook G4 17" -external HD, extra display

Software: Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator. For graphics and design.

Macromedia Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks. For web design.

Final Cut Pro, Compressor, Soundtrack, IDVD, IMovie. Video editing and music editing.

I also use a Canon ZR40 for video capture. Last (maybe) but not least, I use Mapex drums, Zildjan cymbals, Fiberskyn Heads, and Vic Firth sticks.