The Micro Kit


View from the helm. Tight.
Small kit, big sound.

< Back My customized Mapex M-series kit. Little kit w/huge sound. This kit originally came with black and white plastic shell coatings. I removed all the hardware and stripped it off. I proceeded to remove the excess adhesive and sand the shells. Next I chose a real nice mahogany stain and carefully applied it. Not wanting it to penetrate to deep into the shell, I did a couple light coats. After the stain, I used a satin polyurethane in a couple coats. Sanding between each with real fine brillo. The final product turned out far better than I ever expected. Given this was my first time refinishing drums. The grain of the wood really stands out, and the satin finish hides scratches from gigs really well. The hoops were finish sanded and urethaned. I really liked the contrast of the natural to the stain. The sound difference was amazing. The tone ended up much warmer and rich. Beautiful. I'll get better pics up, these ended up a bit noisy. Next >