Time to Start Tossing Interior Stuff

Nothing drastic as this is still to be a streetable car. The radio and center DIN panel was removed along with the center dash vents. I use the defroster vents if I need hot air on my face anyway. So I cut a piece of black plexiglass and covered the whole center console. The dash trim was so old it pretty much fell apart when I removed it so it was done and could never have been reinstalled. The new center panel was the ideal place to mount some gauges. So in went an oil pressure gauge and oil and water temperature gauges along with a switch to turn them off and a switch for the fan relay. The gauges are simple, cheap, but highly functional, digital gauges bought out of a JCWhitney catalogue. No fancy pants $100 JSpec aftermarket gauges here...these are $30 specials. I also relocated the logicon down lower in the console - keep the heater and defroster, it is wise for those wet and rainy track days!

New center console and gauge panel. (the "white" around the gauges is leftover protective film)

The gauges required some sensor work in the engine bay so I bought an aftermarket oil filter pedestal from FC3S.ORG that has holes for the oil pressure and temperature sensors. The probe for coolant temperature was placed in the coolant filler neck - a hole suitably drilled and tapped. Of course with the oil filter pedestal removed I did an oil change and new OEM filter just to start off with fresh oil.

Oil Pressure and Temperature sensor manifold that sits below the oil filter. The tapped coolant temperature sensor.

With the radio head unit removed there was no point for the speakers being installed so they and their trim pieces were also removed. The speakers were toast surprise here. The radio and speakers were quite a weight savings in themselves. There is MUCH more to do with the interior but for now this is it.

More Weight Savings Recap

                                            INTERIOR WEIGHT SAVINGS 1:
                                            Center console, trim and vents                                            5lbs 12oz
                                            Ashtray and trim                                                                 1.5lbs
                                            Radio headunit and bracket                                                7lbs
                                            Under dash speakers and rear strut speakers                      7.5lbs
                                            *Added gauges and new plexi fascia                                 -3.5lbs
                                            *Added oil filter pedestal for sensors                               -0.5lbs
                                            Floor mats                                                                           2.5lbs
                                            Battery box, B pillar trim piece (one side)
                                                         Center console lid                                                  3lbs 6oz

                                            Subtotal                                                                               23.6lbs

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